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Chattanooga Leather Works

Open Carry

Open Carry

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We took our knife sheath making knowledge and put it to use with a simple yet functional design for card carry. The Open Carry wallet is constructed from premium cowhide using CLW's precision cut layer design, for a supple yet durable build. The overall design takes shape of a classic double sleeve card wallet but with a generous center slot, letting you hold 9 cards comfortably out of the box (and more if you want to condition the wallet to do so) while keeping them easily accessible.

In sheath making, the welt is an integral part so that the blade will not cut the stitching. In this wallet, the welt just allows a few extra cards for those of us who like it simple, but will never be a minimalist. The slots are a perfect size for carrying a few cards, some cash, some business cards - or a mix of all three!

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