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What kind of leather do you use?

We use vegetable-tanned leather from one of America's oldest tannieries, Hermann Oak. Vegetable-tanned leather uses tree bark rather than salts and chemicals and Hermann Oak produces some of the finest leather in the business.

Using salts and chemicals in the tanning process can react with certain steel types and can leave your knife or tool corroded and useless. We would rather protect your investment, and help you carry it well so it is ready and sharp when you need it most.

How do I care for my sheath or leather item?

Prior to leaving the shop, your sheath undergoes a multi-step finishing process which includes using our favorite Skidmore Paste Wax conditioner. However, even with this treatment, and as we all know, leather can and will eventually ned a litle lovin'.When your sheaths starts to show signs of drying you will need to moisturize it and these signs of drying can vary depending on the environment it lives in.

When you consider which is the right product for you, break products down into three categories: Oils, conditioners, and waterproofers.

Oils - If you live in a particularly dry area, oil may be a good place to start. There are many oils out there and the most popular is neatsfoot oil. Adding oil back into your leather prevents what is known as dry rot. Ideally you would add a light coat of oil to a small area and let dry before continuing to see the effect it has on your leather. Note: THIS MAY DARKEN LEATHER.

Conditioners - Conditioners have oils in them (which is why we sometimes skip the oiling process all together unless the leather is excessively dry) and additionally have a product in them to help seal in the moisture. Most commonly you'll find beeswax. Not only does it lock moisture in, it will also lock moisture out. Note: THIS MAY DARKEN LEATHER TOO.

Waterproofers - For those of you who want to go above and beyond in your leather care, waterproofing may be for you. Although, in my personal experience, I havent' found any that entirely waterproof your leather, but are valuable for those who are often working in the rain. Note: THESE MAY DARKEN YOUR LEATHER SO MUCH THAT YOU DO NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE YOUR LEATHER PRODUCT WHEN YOU ARE DONE...But don't worry, if you also waterproof your belt, you may be lucky and get them to match.

Do you guys do custom sheaths/holsters/work?

Yes, but not for everyone. We specialize in helping the mid-tech knife maker get their tools into the hands of people who need them most.

We were born out of a knife company's need for quality sheaths. We understand the pain of doing all the blacksmithing or mill work, pushing a knife through a process and having completed a wicked-sharp, durable tool and not being able to sell it because there is no way to carry it. We provide knife makers a way for their customers to carry their knives in an equally high-quality sheath.

If you are a knife maker who produces knives better than you produce sheaths, then yes, we will do custom work to get your knives into the hands of heroes/workers/knife enthusiasts who need them most.

Will you work with my favorite knife maker?

Yes, we are always looking for more makers to partner with. At times it can take effort on your part such as bugging them to contact us or we can contact them directly for you.

Let us know what you want to see and we will try to work with them so they can get it to you!

Do you guys make anything other than knife sheaths?

Yes, we have a special product division marketed through our partner RMJ USA. When we get bored, distracted or inspired, you will see new items pop up over there.

What is the warranty?

Your leather product does not have a lifetime guarantee. Leather naturally wears, however if something is our fault, we'll make it right. Please reach out if you have an issue.

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